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What Shades to Use With Large Windows

When homeowners think of window treatments for extra-large windows, shades aren’t always their first choice. After all, it’s much more fun to visualize gorgeous, billowing drapery than streamlined, horizontal shades! Plus, choosing shades that work well—both structurally and aesthetically—over a large span can be a little bit tricky. But shades do have their advantages over drapery, so it’s not really fair to disregard them outright. (more…)

Bay Windows

Bay windows have long been adored by homeowners, and it’s not terribly difficult understand why. This architectural choice has a real knack for “opening up” a room, making it seem much brighter and larger than it actually is, and they can provide an incredible view of the outside world. You can even add ledges or furniture to create special nooks for reading—or napping! However, for all of their beauty, bay windows can be a little harder to decorate than typical windows; their shape and positioning usually means that they require a little extra help to look their best. If you’ve got naked bay windows in your home, here are four ideas for dressing them up: (more…)

Ready-Made or Custom-Designed: The Great Drape Debate

When shopping for a new window treatment, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you’d like to use ready-made drapery or custom drapery. Their unique qualities can definitely tip the scales in one direction or another (more…)

How to Pair Drapes With Blinds

Pairing drapes and blinds can give your rooms a really distinctive look. It also gives you more ways of controlling the light that comes into the room. But to really get the most out of the combination, there are a few things to remember. (more…)

The Oval Office Curtains: A Look Through History

The White House Oval Office is one of the few rooms in the world that is instantly recognizable. For Americans, it has developed almost iconic proportions, as the workplace for 18 presidents. Decisions that affected the course of history were – and still are – routinely made in this office. (more…)

Drapery Buying Tips

Drapery makes the room. They can add elegance and style, turning any run-of-the-mill room into a space to remember. (more…)

What Length Should My Drapery Be?

These days, while there are industry standards that apply to drapery lengths that have been established over time, homeowners are more apt to try something that suits their particular taste, to experiment for a truly unique look. (more…)

Top Window Treatment Trends

Whether you are looking to decorate a new house or replace your existing drapery, you may have questions about the best kinds of window treatments to use. Here are a few of the more popular trends in window decorating: (more…)

How to Dress Up Windows for Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall

With the changing of the seasons comes the opportunity to make a change in your home décor as well. It is especially appropriate if you live in a region where the temperatures vary greatly with the time of year. As you move, for example, from warmer to cooler weather, it is a good time to change window treatments from more lightweight fabrics and lighter colors to heavier materials that help to hold the heat. (more…)

Shades vs. Drapery

In determining what kind of window treatments to get, you have almost too many options to count. If you are wondering if you should opt for blinds or drapery for your custom window treatments, you need to keep in mind the purpose of your window treatment – what are you going to use the room for? (more…)