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custom bathroom drapery

Spa Drapery

Our best advice for a peaceful, spa like master bathroom? Soften the space and add texture to an otherwise hard surface room with natural fiber, neutral colored unlined flowing drapery.

Custom bathroom drapery and shades add an ethereal feeling to what can sometimes feel like a cold space by diffusing and softening lines while adding intimacy, serenity and privacy.

Modern showers call for a recessed ceiling mounted custom traversing GP Expert Drapery Track ™ that is powder coated to withstand water. Pair with an innovative outdoor acrylic curtain in an amazing array of sexy open weave or French Terry textures.

GP Drapery roller shades also offer a chic privacy solution in any area of the bathroom including the shower. We offer contemporary high end roller shade fabrics available in a gorgeous array of natural colors and opacities.
Discover the relaxing privacy, functionality and beauty of GP Drapery’s spa like bathroom window coverings.