GP Drapery

custom outdoor drapery and shades

Custom Outdoor Drapery

Let GP Drapery create a serene indoor-like space outside while seemingly increase your square footage.

Even the simplest custom outdoor drapery provides homeowners a daily vacation atmosphere.   There is nothing more soothing in the home than the site of outdoor drapery gently swaying in the breeze.

GP Drapery’s weather-treated custom iron outdoor hardware is gorgeous, resilient, highly functional and available in 50 contemporary finishes.

GP Drapery offers the most diverse selection of newly released outdoor fabrics in surprising open weave, sheer, French terry and velvet in drapery and upholstery weights.

For commercial clients GP Drapery offers ample hemline weighting options for windier venues like the Montgomery Plaza rooftop pool. Set 17 stories high in windy Forth Worth, Texas, we expertly double stitched outdoor panels in upholstery weight specialty outdoor thread and supplied 22 oz shading panels installed on 300 feet of 14 foot high iron structures.

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a soulful santuary? Commercial or residential, GP Drapery has a beautiful solution for any outdoor location.