GP Drapery

Embedded Track

One request we often get from business and homeowners alike is the addition of an embedded motorized drapery track into the ceiling of their space.

These seamless, durable tracks can showcase and support any décor type from traditional classic drapes to urban contemporary window treatments and are perfect for the
master bedroom or a retail environment.


The Process:

1. First, we install the custom drapery tracks onto the finished ceiling drywall.
2. Then, we outline the tracks with a marker.
3. Next, we take down the tracks and route out the drywall.
4. Afterwards, we reinstall the tracks onto the wood or metal beams above the drywall.
5. Finally, a finish contractor finishes the drywall around the embedded tracks for a clean, modern look.


From private estates to five star hotels, we’ve successfully installed a number of these sleek embedded curtain tracks that give your space an indisputable wow factor.

In addition to their superb aesthetics, these professional ceiling curtain tracks are also built to resist wear and tear. We’ll do the back work to ensure your system can fully support and stand up to the weight of your custom drapery over the long haul. Our expert staff works to put in a fully stable track the first time.

These high-quality ceiling mounted curtain tracks are flexible enough to snake through any curved space. Conversely, straight curtain tracks are a seamless edition to any narrow space in your home, restaurant or office. A custom high-grade finish also cuts back on noise and helps remove resistance for a smooth glide.

Holding the weight of your heavy-set curtains while remaining easy to glide is no small feat. However, it’s exactly what we specialize in whether you’re looking for an embedded curtain track for your showroom or your garage. Reliable and practically maintenance-free, these quality motorized curtain tracks are sure to easily upgrade the look of your space.