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Installation: One of Our Core Functions

Window treatments are our creations, installations are our legacy.

When it comes to dressing your windows for comfort and privacy, GP Drapery is whole-heartedly glad to be of service.

No matter how large or small the job, we plan and manage our installations down to the last detail. Prior to arrival, we schedule as many meetings as necessary to facilitate the installers and manufacturers during their planning phase. From there we thoroughly prepare the site, mapping out logistics and ensuring quality control.

Using tricks of the trade we make sure all hardware is top of the line and coordinate realistic delivery windows of arrival. We’re constantly on our toes, ready with a network of reliable couriers who are ready to hand-deliver any part, all over town.


Our 99% first time success rate is no accident either.

In-shop we conduct real life mockups to test the fabric weight and rod span . We also meticulously calculate the support needed per foot and per pound for each individual job. We leave no stone unturned which means no surprises come installation day. Clients have the opportunity see what a finished installation will look like and give pre-approval based on hi-resolution graphic sketches.

Why choose us:

We focus on the lifestyle of the busy professional. With an un-wavering commitment to service, we regularly update the client with arrival notices which is just one of the ways we guarantee clean, quiet and, most of all, courteous installations.

Our Expertise:

Quick and always prepared, we begin planning your installation from the moment you place your order. Our reputation hinges on our:

  • Thorough production meetings
  • Impressive pre-installation previews
  • Complete logistics planning

Your body is your altar, but we believe your home is your temple. Trust GP Drapery to honor it with the highest respect.