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Seaside Luxe

Seaside Luxe, a creator of luxury retail experiences, teamed up with GP Drapery for a custom drapery project in Dallas and the result was stunning.

With its innovative drapery designs, Seaside Luxe collaborated with GP Drapery for Market, a high-end boutique in the ritzy Highland Park Village.

Seaside Luxe tasked GP Drapery with purchasing the $25,000 hand-painted Ombre Alpaca Linen, which was then hand-sewn into contemporary Ripplefold drapery and ceiling-mounted by 52 feet of custom Architrac in one of the boutique’s private viewing rooms.

The light, soft and fluid fabric used for the custom project comes with a 14-week lead time and was a challenge to sew, but its impeccable beauty more than made up for the work. To achieve continuity of the hand-dipped Ombre effect, GP Drapery hung the fabric high above the drapery workroom floor for days. Hanging the material created the consistent dipped pattern across thirty widths of fabric.

Ultimately, the drapery hung flawlessly from the boutique’s viewing room ceiling and kissed the floor in time for opening day!