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Commercial Drapery

GP Drapery is the Authority on Custom Drapery for Commercial Projects overseeing upscale installations for first-class commercial window treatment projects. Premier projects require premier commercial window treatments. For the last few decades, top architects and interior designers have turned to GP Drapery as their preferred supplier of custom commercial indoor and outdoor drapery, roman shades and roller shades. GP has more than 15 years experience delivering first-class custom window coverings and completing expert installations for some of the largest names in business. As a testament to our quality work, we have a long-standing list of high profile satisfied clients. During our decades of service, we have completed complex projects for big names like Hotel Zaza and Omni Residences to world-class LA boutiques all the way up to the The Walt Disney Company. In addition to our high quality custom window fashions, GP Drapery has earned a reputation of superior service from our staff of estimators and installers. Known for forward thinking installation management, the GP team is 100% successful at completing large-scale commercial jobs on time and under budget. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Hardware, shading systems, outdoor draperies and custom commercial window treatments are all built to the architect or designer’s exact specifications, all of which are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality and support.

Be it new construction or a remodel of your existing commercial space, GP Drapery brings your project to life with expert design, fabrication, and installation of their quality commercial window systems.


Spa Drapery

Our best advice for a peaceful, spa like master bathroom? Soften the space and add texture to an otherwise hard surface room with natural fiber, neutral colored unlined flowing drapery. Custom bathroom drapery and shades add an ethereal feeling to what can sometimes feel like a cold space by diffusing and softening lines while adding intimacy, serenity and privacy. Modern showers call for a recessed ceiling mounted custom traversing GP Expert Drapery Track ™ that is powder coated to withstand water. Pair with an innovative outdoor acrylic curtain in an amazing array of sexy open weave or French Terry textures. GP Drapery roller shades also offer a chic privacy solution in any area of the bathroom including the shower. We offer contemporary high end roller shade fabrics available in a gorgeous array of natural colors and opacities.
Discover the relaxing privacy, functionality and beauty of GP Drapery’s spa like bathroom window coverings.


Outdoor Drapery

Let GP Drapery create a serene indoor-like space outside while seemingly increase your square footage.

Even the simplest custom outdoor drapery provides homeowners a daily vacation atmosphere.   There is nothing more soothing in the home than the site of outdoor drapery gently swaying in the breeze. GP Drapery’s weather-treated custom iron outdoor hardware is gorgeous, resilient, highly functional and available in 50 contemporary finishes. GP Drapery offers the most diverse selection of newly released outdoor fabrics in surprising open weave, sheer, French terry and velvet in drapery and upholstery weights. For commercial clients GP Drapery offers ample hemline weighting options for windier venues like the Montgomery Plaza rooftop pool. Set 17 stories high in windy Forth Worth, Texas, we expertly double stitched outdoor panels in upholstery weight specialty outdoor thread and supplied 22 oz shading panels installed on 300 feet of 14 foot high iron structures. Ready to transform your outdoor space into a soulful santuary? Commercial or residential, GP Drapery has a beautiful solution for any outdoor location.


Home Drapery

Does your drapery no longer meet your design standards or aesthetics? Moving into a new home and need custom designed drapery that reflects your taste? If you’re ready to properly showcase the eyes of your home, let the drapery experts bring your vision to life with our superior custom window treatments. GP Drapery specializes in custom draperies, roman shades, cutting-edge drapery hardware and forward thinking installations for upscale projects. Known for more than the fine quality of their custom window furnishings, GP Drapery has a knack for logistics and installation management, giving you confidence in their ability to meet any challenge with finesse. Over the years GP Drapery has earned a reputation for first-class service, completing work for some of the most exclusive resorts, hotels, and homeowners in the greater Los Angeles and Dallas regions. Their impressive collection of loyal clients includes businesses like Harrah’s, Supperclub LA and Hotel Zaza, as well as A-list celebs such as Christina Aguilera, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Cera. GP Drapery’s commitment to excellence shows in every custom drapery project they complete, earning a name that’s synonymous with impeccable custom-made, well-designed and elegant window treatments. Creating custom designs to fit any style is their passion. Providing simple solutions for complex custom projects is their profession. Join the roster of elite professionals whose homes have been enhanced by these expertly curated custom drapery installations.


Roller Shades

GP Drapery’s custom roller shades provide chic privacy solutions for any room of the home. Our collection of contemporary high-end roller shade fabrics come in a stunning range of styles, colors and opacities. A modern alternative to traditional blinds, these lux window treatments are smart, sleek and known for their light control abilities. When you want to integrate streamlined style to your favorite interior spaces, our elegant roller shades deliver. These superior shades are highly customizable, offering unprecedented sophistication with their stylish overtones and quality materials. Whether you want to filter, block or regulate the light, custom roller shades add a distinct presence, even under cornices and valances. Looking to frame your home’s best light? With our custom roller shades you’re in charge of where and how much light gets let in. Then simply sit back and relish the luxury of total privacy.


Blackout Curtains

Practical and beautiful, our custom blackout curtains offer unprecedented privacy and light control. Whether you’re looking to promote deep sleep or insulate your space, these lined window treatments let you do it in style. Choose from a variety of fabrics to enhance any design aesthetic. Perfect when you’re looking for a little understated elegance in your bedroom, home theatre or hotel suite. Not only can they lower your utility bills, these designer quality custom blackout curtains are exceptionally durable, bringing high-end luxury to any space where privacy and light control are a concern. Love the look of traditional window dressings? With our effortlessly lovely blackout curtains you don’t have to compromise your artistic vision. Use our broad range of colors and textures to create your ideal window enhancement. We offer full, half or partial opaque custom blackout drapery to help turn your room into a finished showpiece. Our superb installation management team can quickly outfit any size project with a custom blackout drapery solution that’s made to your exact specifications.


Embedded Track

One request we often get from business and homeowners alike is the addition of an embedded motorized drapery track into the ceiling of their space. These seamless, durable tracks can showcase and support any décor type from traditional classic drapes to urban contemporary window treatments and are perfect for the master bedroom or a retail environment.

The Process:

1. First, we install the custom drapery tracks onto the finished ceiling drywall.
2. Then, we outline the tracks with a marker.
3. Next, we take down the tracks and route out the drywall.
4. Afterwards, we reinstall the tracks onto the wood or metal beams above the drywall.
5. Finally, a finish contractor finishes the drywall around the embedded tracks for a clean, modern look.

From private estates to five star hotels, we’ve successfully installed a number of these sleek embedded curtain tracks that give your space an indisputable wow factor. In addition to their superb aesthetics, these professional ceiling curtain tracks are also built to resist wear and tear. We’ll do the back work to ensure your system can fully support and stand up to the weight of your custom drapery over the long haul. Our expert staff works to put in a fully stable track the first time. These high-quality ceiling mounted curtain tracks are flexible enough to snake through any curved space. Conversely, straight curtain tracks are a seamless edition to any narrow space in your home, restaurant or office. A custom high-grade finish also cuts back on noise and helps remove resistance for a smooth glide. Holding the weight of your heavy-set curtains while remaining easy to glide is no small feat. However, it’s exactly what we specialize in whether you’re looking for an embedded curtain track for your showroom or your garage. Reliable and practically maintenance-free, these quality motorized curtain tracks are sure to easily upgrade the look of your space.



Installation: One of Our Core Functions

Window treatments are our creations, installations are our legacy.

When it comes to dressing your windows for comfort and privacy, GP Drapery is whole-heartedly glad to be of service.

No matter how large or small the job, we plan and manage our installations down to the last detail. Prior to arrival, we schedule as many meetings as necessary to facilitate the installers and manufacturers during their planning phase. From there we thoroughly prepare the site, mapping out logistics and ensuring quality control.

Using tricks of the trade we make sure all hardware is top of the line and coordinate realistic delivery windows of arrival. We’re constantly on our toes, ready with a network of reliable couriers who are ready to hand-deliver any part, all over town.


Our 99% first time success rate is no accident either.

In-shop we conduct real life mockups to test the fabric weight and rod span . We also meticulously calculate the support needed per foot and per pound for each individual job. We leave no stone unturned which means no surprises come installation day. Clients have the opportunity see what a finished installation will look like and give pre-approval based on hi-resolution graphic sketches.

Why choose us:

We focus on the lifestyle of the busy professional. With an un-wavering commitment to service, we regularly update the client with arrival notices which is just one of the ways we guarantee clean, quiet and, most of all, courteous installations.

Our Expertise:

Quick and always prepared, we begin planning your installation from the moment you place your order. Our reputation hinges on our:

  • Thorough production meetings

  • Impressive pre-installation previews

  • Complete logistics planning

Your body is your altar, but we believe your home is your temple. Trust GP Drapery to honor it with the highest respect.


Create your dream look.
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